Friday, February 5, 2010

First Week of Tests

I had my first Chemistry test on Tuesday - this was over the before mentioned "assumed knowledge" in Ch. 1-3.  I studied flashcards, had a tutoring session from my younger brother over the phone (Nick has a Masters in Molecular Biochemistry from UConn!), peer tutoring from a nice young man with lovely long strawberry blond hair (who texted his friends the whole time he was calculating molar mass with me), did every practice problem, and took online quizzes.  Prepared - yes.  But admittedly I was not prepared to take a 53 question Chemistry exam in 75 minutes.  With one minute left, I had to quickly fill in answers to the last 11 questions.  At least I know what to expect next time! 

I just got my grade - 73%.  And I'm not upset!  My professor says the grades ranged from 15-93% and the average was a 53%.  So I don't really know what the 73% means, as far as whether its a regular old C, or if its a B (80% with a 7 pt. curve based on highest grade in class) or an A (90% with a 17 pt. curve based on average (53%) equaling C/70%).  I've got all kinds of theories, don't I! =) 

Thursday was my first exam in A&P II.  It was over the senses, the endocrine system, and blood.  Haven't gotten my grade yet, but I felt okay (not great) about it.  It was 66 multiple choice questions. 

And with all of the late night/early early morning studying I've done over the last week, I am now turning my brain off for the weekend.