Friday, December 4, 2009

Create Blog - Check!

So the blog has been what?

I want to use this blog to document the year and a half when I become a nurse. There will be some family stuff, but mostly I want to write about and remember this adventure of going back to school at age 32, mom of two preschoolers, to enter a profession that I've always dreamed of being part of.

Nursing school has been on the back burner for 6 years, and now I'm jumping back in with two feet. I'm excited - a little bit apprehensive - and ready for it to start!

I don't know how interesting this blog will be, but I know that when I started trying to decide whether to go back to school or not, I wished that there was a blog I could read from someone who had gone through an accelerated nursing bachelors degree program. Not finding one, I decided I better just do it myself.

More later with details about the program I'm applying for and timeline...
Time to check on the boys in the playroom and go search for the discontinued ceramic tile to replace the gaping hole left by the plumbers in our bathtub wall. Ooooohhhh - I see my first blog picture opportunity!


April said...

Yay for another blogger! I started back in July. Having so much fun with it. Yet another way for us to stay in touch with each other.

Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

Yeah!! I am so glad you are blogging! Maybe you will inspire the rest of us to get back on track. I am so excited that you are going back to school!