Sunday, December 6, 2009

The North Pole Comes To Us

Our weekend was filled with Elves and Santa. Like many families, we have the tradition at our house of elves visiting us from the North Pole during the entire month of December, magically appearing in new locales each morning, and supposedly returning to the North Pole each night to report to the Big Man about whether Tanner and Easton should continue to have their names on the nice list.

It's fun, you know, but I have my issues with it like my good friend, Jamie - namely, am I using bribery, deceit, and manipulation to illicit positive behavior from my children? Yes. Which brings to mind the other reason I hate the elves...IT DOESN'T WORK!!

I have a feeling our elves are actually demons a la The Screwtape Letters and they are prompting worse behavior in my little guys during this joyous season. Or maybe it's my personal Wormwood who has me screaming like a banshee about the elves telling Santa that someone is spitting on someone, or someone is touching my snow globes, or someone is continuing to say "poo poo pants" and laugh after I told him to stop.

To my ultimate shame, I admit I have actually spoken directly to the elves saying, "Do you see what they are doing?!! You'll just have to decide for yourselves whether you are going to come back again tomorrow or not." Oy. Wormwood is cackling and slapping his knee over that one.

Well, despite the naughtiness, T & E are terribly sweet and we had a great time at Breakfast With Santa:

Santa and the Boys - I hope they asked for bikes...

The Boys and the Girls - I feel certain you will be hearing lots more about Molly and Sarah now that I'm blogging. Both are adored by both boys, however, Tanner is crazy crazy about Sarah (oddly enough, not the twin he is holding hands with in this picture...she's the twin with the darker hair) and they will be in the same class when Preschool starts in January.

The boys decorating cookies while Dad assists.

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Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

Boo on Elf on the shelf!!! Yeah for Stephanie for calling them what they are :). We still love Christmas and we had a great Christmas. Love those Kenley boys!!