Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Things to remember over the past several weeks:
Created Aspirin in Chemistry Lab
Dissected Pig Heart in A&P Lab
Took Easton with me on a tutoring session with my Chem professor.  He was adorable, carrying his own backpack, lining up his Star Wars action figures on the Chem Lab table, and answering quiz questions from Dr. Warby about what planet Ewoks lived on (Endor) and what planet Luke Skywalker was from (Tatooine).

Results from Tests:
A&P II Exam - 86% (Class average was 71%)
A&P II Lab Exam - 93%
Chem Midterm - 76% (Class average was 46%)

Took Social Stats Exam yesterday and will take my second A&P Exam tomorrow.

Midterm Grades:
Chemistry - A!
Chemistry Lab - A!
A&P II - A!
A&P II Lab - A!
Social Statistics - A!

The second half of the semester started yesterday, which also means my half-semester Pilates and Fitness Yoga class started!  Looking forward to some stress relief and core strengthening on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Met a fellow student in Pilates who is also in my A&P lecture, and found out that she is also finishing her prerequisites this semester to apply for the accelerated Nursing program that starts in August.  She has a bachelor's degree in Music and is now going into healthcare. It's nice to have found another person who is going through the same thing I am academically...we can sort of lean on each other while we wait until June to find out if we got into the program.

Pretty boring blogpost, but I wanted to document for myself how my grades are going this semester.  After church tonight, I will be studying about the heart, arteries, veins, and lymphatic system for my test tomorrow!

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