Thursday, May 13, 2010

Long-timey No-bloggy

Woah!  I really wasn't kidding when I realized on the first day of the semester that I wasn't going to have time to blog while going to school.  The semester is over and I have already started my summer class online - Intro to Organic and Biochemistry.

I ended up with a 3.92 for the semester - all A's except for a B in Chem Lab.  Oh well.  Very excited and satisfied with the A's I got in Gen Chem I and A&P II.

Just completed my essay for the Accelerated BSN Program application and I am happy with it.  Now I'm working on gathering all of my official transcripts to attach and I will be able to turn it in.  After tomorrow, the decision will be out of my hands!  I should find out by June 1 if I got in to the program or not. 

The boys finish school at 1st Pres next Thursday - looking forward to lots of summer fun with them!

In other news, I am training for this Triathlon.  July 31st in Memphis - must get a handle on the swimming, and soon!  Not that the bike and run are easy, but I have the confidence that I can do those distances - the swimming is a much different story.

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Nurse To Be said...

P.S. I ended up talking with my Chem Prof and that B in Lab was supposed to be an A. =) Grade Change Form has been submitted, so make that a 4.0 for the semester!